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Mom from the Green Bay area

1. We are home to the Green Bay Packers! Life revolves around the Packers. GO BAL GO!
2. Green Bay is a small town with great amenities. You know your neighbors, we all help each other dig out of the snow and wave at each other is a matter of course.
3. It’s called bubbler and soda. We are adamant about that.
4. Booyah is a unique food in Green Bay. It’s basically chicken soup, but it’s better. Our local baseball team is even called Green Bay Booyah!
5. Green Bay and Appleton are the best family friendly places in the area! We have parks, lakes, sports, museums, art centers, Bay Beach theme park (where tickets cost only 25 cents and no ride is more than 4 tickets), waterfalls, hiking, nature reserves, zoos, farmers markets and excellent schools.
6. We have long, cold winters, but that makes us love our summers even more! In Green Bay you can fully experience all seasons, sometimes all in the same week.
7. Deer, cranes and turkeys are common additions to streets, yards, parks and agricultural fields – in the city and in the countryside.
8. Fox Bay and River offer great boating and fishing opportunities. The Fox River is also one of the few rivers in the world that flows north.
9. The traffic is almost zero, but we still complain that we go to the east (or west) side of the city. It’s maybe 20 minutes, but it’s true. so. far.
10. We are Titletown USA. We love our Green Bay Packers. Yes, we had to mention it twice. We are the only professional football team owned by the community. Although the shares have no monetary value, we are proud shareholders. Many people often place their children on a waiting list for season tickets on the day they are born and still may not have the opportunity to obtain them.

David Berry

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