Draft Notes: Green, Mobley and Rockets elections at 23, 24

Welcome to NBA Draft Day.

It’s a whole new era for the Houston Rockets when they find themselves in possession three selections in the first round. To put it in perspective, the Rockets had a total of two selections in the first round in the last eight NBA drafts.

With selection # 2, which changes the game, and successive selections to # 23 and # 24, the Rockets are preparing to shape their future tonight. Let’s dive.

We should have known over time Jalen Green would be the choice at the time the Rockets were hired Matt Bullard in the front office. Without the greenhouse effect, it won’t last another day in Houston.

This is a choice between the USC center Evan Mobley and G-League Ignite Guard Green really isn’t a bad choice. Both are great prospects. I spent the first week after the lottery wondering how the Rockets could get number 3 to pick both of these people.

In my opinion, the only justification for Green over Mobley is something that cannot be found in statistics. Talking about his work ethic, enthusiasm and will to win brings comparisons Kobe Bryant. This may be unfair, but it is something that is almost impossible to pass on.

But Mobley is the type of person who influences victory even on a night when offensive play is not taking place. Its ceiling how Michael Jordan he would say is a “roof.” The Rockets pass on a big man who can prove to be duel-fighting – a great rim protector that is ideal for small ball sets thanks to its fast legs, switchability and terrain coverage. It’s also incredibly hard to miss.

It is possible that neither one will be as big as we hope – Green will happen JR Smith and Mobley Jarrett Allen – But that’s unlikely. Both have the appearance of special prospects. The two-way impact says Mobley. Intangibles say Green. This is debatable because the rockets will be green, but in the same way Luka Dončič and Trae Young are connected, the two will be connected throughout their careers.

1. Moses Moody
The Rockets were the worst team in the league in 2020-21 and should look for prospects with superstar potential, so it may seem strange that a player with a limited ceiling is my biggest business goal. Yet we are here. Moody is a legitimate two-way player. As a highly sought after role player, he checks all boxes: Good size / frame, length (almost 7 feet-1 wingspan), touch, shooting, switchability, defensive IQ. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to slip through # 10 in the days before the draft, and that’s likely territory the Rockets can’t trade.

2. Corey Kispert
Rockets will have game creators. They need shooting and defense. Kispert manages to stretch the floor like no other in this draft, when as a junior and senior he shot almost 44% of the depth in almost 400 attempts. Its form is excellent and the release very fast, which should be well reflected in the league. The shooting in the league is so premium that I don’t see a way for Kispert to drop to 23.

These aren’t necessarily bad tips for Rockets, but they are less than ideal and I prefer to knock others down to Houston.

1. Sharife Cooper
Sharife Cooper looks legitimate Chris Paul a clone if you took all his defenses and shooting. And when you take his defense and shooting, how good is Chris Paul in today’s NBA? If you could strengthen his shot, I might be interested, but I’d rather Miles McBride over Cooper.

2. Cam Thomas
You hear a lot about “walking bucket” about players, but Cam Thomas definitely is. He can score in different ways and this should be reflected in the league. But there are legitimate strikes against his defense and pass – or at least a willingness to pass. It may be unfair, but I understand Dion waiters vibration. Its ceiling seems to me like the 6th male spark. If you take Green to # 2, I want some defensive potential.

3. Joshua Primo
Primo is super young (only 18 years old), has a good size at 6 feet-4 and can shoot. There is an interesting side, but I prefer others. Primo is unlikely to overtake the Rockets, so if I did, I would consider it a huge bonus.

1. Jaden Springer
At first, I missed Springer because I didn’t see the athletics, but the 6-foot-4 Tennessee quarterback was impressive at the combine and finished in the fifth-best vertical position (34.5 inches). He is 18 years old, was the best candidate for high school (No. 17 on the ESPN 100), shot 43.5% of the three (albeit in only 46 total attempts) and has good defensive potential. That’s what I’m looking for if I’m Rockets.

2. Jalen Johnson
There is enough knocking on the 6-foot forward from Duke that he could slip on Draft Night. The fact that he avoids contact, how big he is, worries me the most. But there’s so much work on both sides of the ball that this is worth taking. I consider it a huge win if he moves to 23rd.

3. Usman Garuba
What Garuba brings to the table – elite defense and switchability – is huge in today’s game. He is 8 feet tall, has a wingspan of 7 feet 3, and is only 19 years old. It starts to develop from the outside and if so, I would see it as (much) bigger PJ Tucker in his ability to guard threes, fours and fives and anchor the defenses when the floor is spaced at the other end. I wouldn’t suggest it fit, but it could fit next to it Christian Wood.

4. Ziaire Williams
Without the stunning first season at Stanford, the Rockets wouldn’t have a chance at Ziaire Williams at # 23 / # 24. He averaged just 10.7 points at 37.4% of the field and a paltry 29.1% of the three. But it’s legitimate 6 feet-8 and very smooth and fluid. This is a boom-or-bust choice, no doubt.

Others I like, but not necessarily home runes: Florida bodyguard Three men, Baylor Guard Jared Butler, downtown Kentucky Isaiah Jackson

1. Isaiah Todd
I’d like to see the Rockets pick up an early pick in the second round and choose the G-League Ignite promotion Isaiah Todd. Knocking on Todd is his defense, but he has a very good size of 6 feet-9 per wing (actually measures larger than Ziaire Williams and has over 7 feet-1 wingspan) and looks like excellent shooter. Its shape is so smooth. I don’t know if his choice at # 24 is too soon, but I’d like the Rockets to come up with his rights.

David Berry

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