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Vacation budget planner

The most common reason why people spend over the holidays is that they don’t even think about how much they spend.

Writing a vacation budget is a great way to organize your thoughts. This planning guide could be the best way to create a financial plan for this year’s vacation.

Why should I have a vacation budget plan?

Holidays can be exciting and it’s easy to get wrapped up in buying gifts and goodies. If you don’t control your budget, you can very easily spend more than you should!

We all know that extending a loan is not a good financial decision. Excessive spending on vacation shopping can actually have a long-term impact on your finances. We discussed How shopping on holidays can affect your credit, in another useful blog post.

What should be included in my budget?

Vacation expenses are not part of your usual monthly budget. It is good to consider all the expenses that a holiday season can bring. Your vacation budget should include gifts, decorations, entertainment and travel.

vacation budget planner
Use our FREE printable vacation budget planner.

Compare the extra vacation expenses with your monthly budget and create a plan that is good for your financial goals. Set a budget for each of these potential vacation expenses.

  • Gifts
  • Make a complete list of the people you will be buying Christmas presents for and set a budget before you buy.
  • Decorations and lights
  • Don’t forget to include the additional energy costs as well as the cost of buying leisure items on board the halls.
  • Holiday meetings
  • Arranging meetings for friends and family often requires adding more food, drink, serving utensils and cleaning supplies to your budget.
  • Travel expenses
  • Driving, flying, hotel stays and fuel costs should all be included in a vacation budget planner. You can also charge for checked baggage, gift transport and event tickets.

How can I save on holidays this year?

A gift thoughtful, NOT extravagant

The common phrase used to give gifts, “it’s an idea that counts,” can be easily misunderstood. Some people use the phrase to say that giving a gift at all is inherently thoughtful. We do not recommend saving money by giving out cheap gifts. Instead, we suggest that a thoughtful gift that is uniquely chosen for one’s hobbies and personalities is potentially more valuable than an expensive item.

For example, you can give someone a handmade item, a voucher for time spent with you in the future, or their favorite sweet. Thoughtful gifts can be more memorable than buying the latest technical gadgets, expensive jewelry, branded fashion accessories or other large tickets. The value of the gift for your friend or family member may not be the same as the price tag.

Get creative when planning holiday activities

When planning what activities you and your loved ones can do together, consider your budget. Have a family board game, making cookies for Santa, making crafts or watching a classic holiday movie together can be unforgettable and inexpensive.

You can find more ideas for FREE and cheap holiday activities in another great article on our blog.

Free and cheap family holiday activities

Invite guests to bring and share meals

Traditional food during the holidays is a great time to share your favorite dishes. People happy to help with food and organizing menus with regard to sharing can be good news for your budget too!

Use our menu planner to print for your next holiday meeting.

Thanksgiving meal plan
Use our FREE printable menu planner.

Travel on a budget

It will take some time and planning to save money on travel costs during the holidays. By booking early, you can save on the cost of flights, hotels or car rentals. If you are considering renting a room or sharing a ride with someone, traveling on vacation could have a milder impact on your budget.

Holidays are fast approaching and it’s fun to get excited about spending time with your loved ones. But when spending money this holiday season, don’t forget to think about finances.

We hope you enjoy the holiday celebrations while keeping your budget in line with your financial goals. Using a vacation budget planner is a great way to keep track of your expenses and avoid excessive spending.

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