Middle Eastern dancer and businesswoman, Isis shares news of an upcoming event, her life in belly dancing

Belly dancers in brilliantly dazzling costumes slide across the stage, attacking cymbals and attracting attention. Then the solo artist twists like a cobra and hypnotizes the crowds with her hypotonic movements. This dreamy dance choreography has captivated the audience at Grapevine at its annual year for 20 years Yaa Halla Y’all – Assembly of Stars in Texas, performed by Isis’ Studios and the Academy of Performing Arts.

Yaa Halla Y’all invites you to four days of dance and music performances by international stars, beginning new dancers and musicians at one of the largest dance events in the Middle East in the Southwest. The performances will take place at the Palace Theater from Thursday, July 22 to Sunday, July 25.

During the four-day event, several competitions take place, with the winners receiving trophies, cash prizes and a feature-length magazine article. Belly dance chronicles.

In addition, dance and music seminars will be offered at the Grapevine Convention Center. The Grand Bazaar Shopping Experience will open daily at noon at the Palace Arts Center, where customers can view jewelry, scarves, costumes and more.

who is isis

Dancer Yaa Hall Y’all and Isis’ Studios and the Academy of Performing Arts is an energetic and radiant red-haired dancer known as Isis. In addition to Yaa Hall Y’all’s organization and studio management, Isis is a teacher, choreographer, costume designer, magazine publisher, and more.

Isis decided to hide her real name and said that her stage name was given to her by an Egyptian and refers to the Egyptian goddess Isis, who is the protector of children.

“Many dancers in history have performed under stage names, and Isis is my stage name,” she said. “Some dancers feel that they cannot dance when they express their legal birth names. But when they go under a stage name, they become someone else. Suddenly they are able to perform and dance. “

Isis said she believes she really embodies the goddess Isis because she is a student guide and mentor on their dance journey.

“I say the performance of my dancers is not about victory,” she said. “Get better. Upgrade your feelings about yourself, your skills. ”

Origin of Yaa Halla Y’all

Isis launched the Yaa Hall Y’all event as a way to bring various music and dance instructors and artists to one place. The studio wasn’t big enough to hold all the talent, so the seminars and performances moved to the Grapevine Convention Center and Palace Theater.

In her twentieth year, Isis said Yaa Hall Y’all reflected the growth of dancers and competition winners as many traveled and learned around the world.

“It’s exciting for me to watch all my students learn from different instructors in the classroom during this event,” Isis said. “They learn from top instructors in the seminars and our performances are great!”

The way to become Isis

Isis’s journey began when she was looking for a course to help her stay fit, and belly dancing was the only lesson available. She soon fell in love with Middle Eastern dance and embarked on a new career.

“My first seminar with Bert Balladin and I appreciated his positive attitude, the joy of teaching and his performance,” she said. “I continued in the studio with top dancers from all over the world and after more than 40 years I still dance.”

Isis received a lifetime achievement award from Belly Dancer Magazine Zaghareet! and the Belly Dancer of the Universe® competition. In addition, she has been a full-time dancer for 11 years at Kosta’s Café (formerly Kosta’s Greek Restaurant) on Bachman Lake in Dallas, Byblo’s Mediterranean Restaurant in Fort Worth, Greek Isles Grille and Tavern in Plano on New Year’s Eve and The Mansion with the Gus. Vali Orchestra for Mardi Gras. She and her dancers have performed at the Scarborough Faire since its opening in 1981.

“I’m trying to teach dancers to focus on their dance and their entertainment skills,” she said. “But it is also important to build positive energy. I don’t want to be better than anyone else. My point is to be your best self; challenge and support others. “

Following her passion, Isis and her husband Del founded the Isis Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the ancient art of Middle Eastern dance, educating the community about the cultural aspects of this art form, and providing opportunities for study and performance. and promote talent growth and self-esteem.

Isis and Del also publish The Belly dance chronicles, an international magazine that has been published quarterly for 19 years. The magazine promotes the art of dance, celebrates its history and highlights dancers from around the world. It is an official publication of the Isis Foundation.

In studio

Isis’ Studios and the Academy of Performing Arts, one of the largest belly dance studios in Texas, are located in Bedford in the heart of DFW. The studio offers dance classes in the Middle Easter Raqs Sharki (commonly known as Belly Dance), Polyneasian / Tahitian / Hawaiian Hula, Fusion / Alternative / Tribal and Middle Eastern Rhythm for Tabla. Drum lessons and special workshops are also offered throughout the year.

“I’m proud to have had so many dance and music students who became professionals,” Isis said. “Some of them have won competitions around the world.”

For those interested in trying out different styles of Middle Eastern dance or drums, the courses start again this month. Hula courses will begin in the fall. The studio is currently divided into seven tracks so that everyone is socially distant and safe. Find out more on their website: https://isisandthestardancers.com/yhy.html

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