5 Wine festivals are a must in Lubbock, Texas

The wide open plains of West Texas combined with a dry and dry climate offer the perfect environment for growing vines. In fact, Lubbock is the leading grape producer in Texas, with more than 80% grown on the Texas High Plains AVA. It offers wine drinkers of all levels a real wine experience down to the glass. An ideal networking opportunity after a day full of meetings and breaks, fill your evenings with tastings from the leading wineries in the region.

With award-winning bottles in both downtown Burklee Hill Vineyards and McPherson Cellars, and just outside the city limits at Llano Estacado Winery and English Newsom Cellars, start a happy hour with the impressive Lubbock wine scene.

Throughout the year, visitors will experience the unforgettable taste of Texas High Plains with each tasting sip, but below you will want to enter five festivals on your calendar that you must not miss! From delicious red, refreshing white and sweet blends, there is something that will satisfy all sweet tongues from beginners to experienced wine drinkers.

David Berry

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