Vulnerable children are left to suffer after the political act of bullying – the Texas classification

Many political campaign practitioners have become rogue, but former Dallas Sen. Don Huffines, who calls on Governor Greg Abbott in the next Republican primaries, may have fallen to a new level, bordering on cruelty, when he attacked important, sometimes life-saving services that the state provides LGBTQ to young people in foster care.

In response, Abbott practiced his normal political cowardice.

According to a story in the Houston Chronicle (link below), Huffines turned to Twitter in late August to accuse the Texas Department of Family and Conservation Services of “promoting the transgender sexual policies of Texas youth.”

Huffines attacked the agency for including a section on its website that contained a link to a suicide prevention hotline and other resources “dedicated to helping empower and celebrate” young LGBTQ people.

“These are not the values ​​of Texas, they are not the values ​​of the Republican Party, but they are clearly the values ​​of Greg Abbott,” Huffines said in a video that circulated among his supporters on Twitter.

Within hours, the website was gone, Chronicle reporter Jasper Scherer wrote. And that was the whole site for Texas Youth Connection, a division of family and protection services that helps young people find a variety of resources, such as education and housing. Huffines took credit.

The agency still did not fully explain why the site had been withdrawn, but staff communication the Chronicle obtained from the request for open records indicated that it was a response to Huffines’ attack.

Abbott, who appoints the agency’s commissioner and a nine-member board, has not commented on the incident.

Ricardo Martinez, executive director of Equality Texas, an LGBTQ advocacy group, said LGBTQ children are disproportionately represented in foster care and “face overwhelming discrimination and abuse.” He also noted a survey that found that LGBTQ young people who said they were in foster care were almost three times more likely to also report suicide attempt last year, compared to LGBTQ children who had never been in foster care. foster care.

“The state is responsible for the lives of these children, but it has deliberately removed the way for them to find help when they need it most,” he added.

Huffines is a bully and Abbott can be easily bullied – if he thinks it will help him win re-election. This is not leadership. It’s another form of intolerance, one of Abbott’s specialties.

Meanwhile, some very vulnerable children are left to suffer.

Texas Agency, at the urging of Primary Challenger Abbott, removes suicide hotline website, additional resources for LGBTQ youth

Clay Robison

David Berry

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