Brains and Eggs: The Outrageous Eve of Quarrel

Maybe I should start with another threat.

Or maybe this one.

Due to the possibility of dying or becoming disabled at COVID or freezing because we are unable to keep the power on, it may be acceptable to excuse people from worrying too much about the climate. Or whether their votes count.

Or whether an uprising can take place again.

Texas is full of these right-wing extremist militias. They are not just a threat to national security that we have been warned against, but a danger to all Texans. And they are encouraged by tacit approval, police winks and nods.

Greg Abbott and society is not too afraid of them.

So while we celebrate the anniversary tomorrow, no one wants to celebrate. Not even responsible, according to what I can say.

I’ll try to be a little happier in the next Wrangle, which I promised yesterday, but it will appear tomorrow or Friday.

David Berry

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