Livin ‘on Island Time – Escape by motorhome to Port A

With only a few weeks left until 2021, Dan and I decided to use a few more R&R days. We loaded up the truck and caravan and drove out of our official world headquarters in San Angelo and hit the freeway to reach Port Aransas on the Gulf Coast.

Our current motorhome is a 38-foot fifth wheel, which we bought in 2016, when we traveled as eccentric nomads for a year. This time we stayed at Pioneer Beach RV Resort, another great facility along the coast, with a dog park, bird watching area and easy access to the beach for walks or golf carts.

While visiting Port Aransas, we did some research in the city. We also visited Mustang Island and Corpus Christi. Although my Nikon camera has had better times, after 10 years and about 80,000+ photos, it still has a lifespan. Here’s what we saw.

We tracked the Port Aransas Ferry ships carrying vehicles from Port A on the road to Aransas Pass, Ingleside, Rockport and Fulton. The dolphins entertained us from the shore and seemed to be led by giant cargo ships to see.

I’ve been to Port A several times, but I’ve never stopped to see Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center. Pelicans, herons, ducks, herons and other birds were plentiful and it was a pleasure to watch and photograph them. I’m not a bird, but I like to watch and photograph them. I didn’t see a black crane in the birding center, but when we stopped at the Port Aransas Nature Reserve in Charlie’s Pasture, a crane flew over me, which provided some excitement.

More than five years ago, we bought a lifetime membership in the national park system for only $ 10 and took advantage of a special event promoted by the parks. Even with an annual fee of $ 80, a ticket to the park pays off if you like to travel. With the pass in hand, we headed to Padre Island National Seashore. There is a beautiful visitor center, an area called Bird Island and a beautiful place called Laguna Madre. The pelicans had the main presence when we were there, sailing on the water and looking for the catch of the day. We have seen many pelicans fly and then dive into the water for lunch. The water in the bay was crystal clear.

We stopped at Sweet Swirl Frozen Yogurt for an afternoon delicacy and then had dinner and went from Padre Island Burger Company. I can honestly say it was the biggest burger I’ve ever had. Neither of us could eat it all, so we ended up with two meals. Even the dogs got a hamburger, plain and dry, for a split. Delicious!

One morning we drove across the John F. Kennedy Causeway Bridge to Corpus Christi for a day trip. Ocean Dr. and N. Shoreline Blvd. is a great way to see the bay and the community. The city offers a number of parks for picnics and enjoying the day. Dan had never seen shrimp boats arrive, so we parked on Lawrence St. and waited for the shrimp to reach the dock. You can buy shrimp directly from the boats, as I did earlier on the way home from the conference. Shrimp seemed to be a bird’s best friend. They eagerly await any “scrap” fishermen could have, very similar to what Angel and Sadie do with us.

We walked past the Selena Memorial Statue. I highly recommend seeing the stop. Morgan, Debra, and I spent time there on the third day of our Texas circuit tour in 2020. We didn’t have time to visit the Art Museum of South Texas, the Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History, the Texas State Aquarium, or the USS Lexington Museum. on the Bay. Dan actually drove his motorcycle up the ramp to Lexington when he was a member of the Combat Vet Motorcycle Association in Hill Country. It was a great treat for him at the time.

I would like to make one stop, but our time was limited by the Texas Surf Museum. I visited half a dozen years ago. When I first went, I admit that I went with doubts. When I think of surfing, I mean California and Hawaii, not Texas and the Gulf of Mexico. You can learn a lot about the world of surfing in Lone Star. Who knows?

Most of the time our visit was cloudy. A cold front came to us last night. The wind was strong as we pulled the walls of our second home on bicycles and drove northwest back to San Angelo.
The official headquarters of How Big is Texas looks pretty festive, don’t you think?

In Texas, we are lucky to have so many nature-based hiking opportunities, from mountains to pine trees and plains to the Gulf Coast and beyond. I hope you find the time to explore them. We only have one life. Make sure you live your dash. Safe travel!

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