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Last month was National Mom and Pops Small Business Owners Day, so I thought I’d pick up an amazing Latinx Small Business located locally in Austin!

One of my last obsessions is to buy and plant potted plants inside my house and in my backyard to try to turn my back porch into my own special oasis. After browsing Instagram for a while, I found @wherewildcardsare. Not only does she have a lot of amazing plant plant pictures, she’s from the same area as the home I’m from!

Mars was born and raised in RGV, just like me, and we have a common / similar experience when we got to the Austin area! We are both decent and very enterprising Latin American! After insta-stalking her @Wherewildcardsare instagram account, I sent her a message asking about her business and plants.


I recently teamed up with Chevy and drove through the city with a Chevy Silverado 1500 from 2021. It was a super fun ride and a HUGE upgrade compared to my 2006 Silverade. But with all that it has to offer, I could use it to get some of the things I needed to help decorate my backyard with MORE plants! I met Mars from Where Wild Cards Are and I had to talk and collect some brand new plants.

A little more about where the wild cards are

Where Wild Cards Are specializes in growing plants for your home with hand-painted terracotta pots that give every plan you buy that super special feeling of its kind. Along with accessories, stickers, cards, candles and lots of other fun gadgets.

New plants in Chevy Silverado 2021 #findnewroads #chevy #cheverolet
Fun little things from @WhereWildCardsAre
Personal contact of my sons with Groot, who spends time with his friends!

I managed to drive around Silverada 2021 and meet Mars to pick up some new plants and plant accessories. After talking to Mars for a while and getting to know her, I just liked her story and I had to write about him and give her a huge shout on the blog!

Mars is originally from RGV, just like I was from an RGV transplant to Austin and we found out that we know a lot of the same people from home! A little help, RGV is a super small world, so Mars and I are basically cousins ​​(not really, but you still have an idea). After a while of chatting, I learned quite a bit about how Where Wild Cards Are started, where her passion for plants came from, and how she got to Austin. She always had an entrepreneurial spirit and before the pandemic owned and worked in digital marketing and decided to make a huge change and move from deep South Texas to the capital.

Her inspiration for founding Where Wild Cards Are was a challenge for her. She explained to me that her parents always liked gardening and had tons of plants that they grew and cared for. On the other hand, she could not keep a single plant alive to save her life. So as a personal challenge, she started with one plant and tried to keep it alive. She explained if she could keep it alive by buying more and more. That’s how the idea for Where Wild Cards Are came about. She soon had tons of plants that actually survived and flourished. She kept calling her parents and asking them for tips on soil, pots, plants, watering and everything related to plant parenting. She said it brought her relationship with her parents closer than ever. At one event she worked with, she was also assisted by a colleague from RGV – Austin Transplant, and by helping Mars with Where the Wild Cards Are It, she helped her friends in her relationship with her parents. She told me that starting her new plant was also having a very positive unintended consequence, which helped her and her friend get closer to their parents. Now that’s something super cool!

I didn’t have the best luck on plants either, but at this time at home and in the spring I decided to make a jump and build my own collection of plants and make my backyard a refuge for me and my family. By buying new plants for me, my wife and my children, and for all of us who were planting, watering and being together outside, it even brought us a little closer! I mean, you can’t beat that! Along with some of the plants I got from Where Wild Cards Are, I picked up this one plant tag that really matched her and my story, which is the “Not Died” plant tag, because if you have one of these plants a living plant, at least you show that the plant will survive and thrive!

Also, one of my absolutely favorite things I picked up from Mars is the Plant Papi candle, that candle described me exactly on the T-shirt! When I showed up at her house in the new Chevy Silverado 2021 to talk, I noticed a balcony full of plants and thought it must be a place on Mars! And it certainly was!

Plant Papi in full force!
That ‘Thirsty Bitch’ plant brand!

A little more about the 2021 Chevy Silverado

Not only could I get some amazing new plants, I could use a Chevy Silverado to pull everything I needed to expand my outdoor garden. With so much space in the back of the truck, 4X4 function, 20-inch wheels and the ability to tow 2,280 lb in bed and tow a trailer up to 13,000 lb, it meets all my needs for an outdoor garden project.

#FindNewRoads #ChevySilverado #Chevy
Tons of space for everything you need to pull!

This must be by far one of the best features of the 2021 Chevy Silverado!

Under the back seat, I was able to safely secure some of the plants I had collected, safely and securely in place, and not let them roll on the bed or across the back seat.

Together with the super useful central battle station, it has all the features you can think of from navigation, rear view and 360 ° cameras, Apple Car Play, Sirius XM, Google Play, Hotspot, Charging Deck and head up display. The Chevy Silverado 2021 has everything you need to move around the city, and in my case, get me many other plants that I plan to grow and take care of!

Silverado 2021 is what you need for your plant projects and Where Wild Cards Are is the plant plug you need if you are in the Austin area!

For now, I will try to keep my plants alive and expand my outdoor garden.

You can find more information about Chevy Silverado 2021 at:

Last but not least, I want to appreciate Mars from Where Wild Cards is the inaugural Austin Latinx Small Business Shout Out blog post I introduced! If you want to support Latinx Small Businesses in the Austin area, visit Where Wild Cards Are on their website and like them on Facebook, and follow on Instagram: @wherewildcardsare.

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