Parse the Cowboys vs 49ers Wild Card Madden simulation

It’s playoff time, which means our Madden simulations this week do that much more interesting. The Cowboys gave a ‘W’, but the eloquent thing is how dealt with their affairs. Let’s do it again.

Dak Prescott was effective, albeit unpretentious

Dak Prescott completed 19 of 24 passes in 191 yards and a touchdown. While it’s a great completion percentage, less than 200 yards and a lone score can cause a break in Cowboys Nation. Was Prescott just “okay” in the team’s biggest game of the year? Far from it.

Dak was aggressive in this game, but he relied more on his feet than we had seen in previous weeks, often using male coverage to capture the first kills in rides that took seven, eight, or even twelve yards to convert. The emphasis placed on the 49er defense allowed the Cowboy receivers to find vulnerabilities in the zone’s coverage and pull out easy catches to keep the units alive.

Dallas took a 17-0 lead in the first half, Prescott’s two lone mistakes came in the middle of the field almost in the middle of the field, and a costly 7-yard bag on 2nd and 10th forced Dallas to equalize. for a goal from the field on his promising opening run. Besides, you really couldn’t ask for more from your QB franchise.

Dallas’ run game isn’t afraid of the hard front in San Francisco

Ezekiel Elliott may not have had a monstrous game, but he penalized the 49er defense with a hard run and several goals that helped the Cowboys jump into a 17-0 lead in the first half. All that rattling and banging opened holes for Tony Pollard to change the pace, pruning and pruning the hearts of ‘Niner’s defense to keep the perfect balance.

By the time Prescott threw his first touchdown in the fourth quarter to a 10-yard pass to Dalton Schultz, who had scored 31-3 in Dallas, the spirit of San Francisco was completely broken. Whatever was left was quickly removed by Elliott’s furious flight to pass the clock, pull the defender, and head forward seven, ten, and eight yards to make sure Dallas’s statement was well heard.

We can only hope that Elliott will be a similarly impressive Sunday afternoon.

Dallas’s defense was top notch

To say that the Cowboys dominated this game would be an understatement. In addition to the 31-3 final, Dallas won in every category imaginable. They threw for 184 yards. They hurried 201 yards. They averaged 6.7 yards per game and forced a few moves, one of which was returned for a touchdown. But it was more than that. The defense decided this match more than anything else.

DeMarcus Lawrence recorded an absurd four bags, the last of which resulted in the smudge that San Francisco received. Trevon Diggs intercepted a pass for Samuel and returned her 38 yards into the house to make it 24-0 Cowboys. As the Cowboys’ attack soon reached 10 quick points, thanks to the Cowboy’s defense, which forced a three-and-out on the opening 49ers, the San Francisco offensive was forced to look into the air and try to get back into the game – something that they would rather not.

Jimmy Garoppolo never settled down and found his receivers, the hole in San Francisco was getting deeper and deeper, from what seemed like it was going to be a lovely festival waiting to escape, and it ended in a one-sided beating of the Cowboys. The 49ers did not score their first points in the match until the third quarter, when they were satisfied with a goal from the middle distance to reduce Cowboy’s lead to 24-3. This concession on the 4th and 2nd meant that the game was over, even though it was at the beginning of the second half.

Without running and with Garoppol’s fondness for costly mistakes in his eyes, Dallas stuffed his ears and got after his quarterback for his leader Tank. It was the perfect recipe for Sunday’s cowboy victory.

You can see the whole simulation below:

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