Cowboys HC Mike McCarthy has no idea what Nickelodeon Slime is

You can watch the Dallas Cowboys compete against the San Francisco 49ers many trips on Sunday. The game will air on CBS, Paramount + and Amazon Prime Video. But it will be too be broadcast on Nickelodeon. Yes, a place where children watch cartoons.

This will be for the second time Nickelodeon shows a play-off game for a wild card after last year’s wild card match with the New Orleans Saints and Chicago Bears was a huge success for the network. The broadcast will feature SpongeBob graphics, content aimed at children, guest characters Nick and of course slime.

If you’ve ever watched Nickelodeon since the ’80s, you know this channel loves slime.

Probably Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy does not have has tuned his television to Nickelodeon for over 40 years. When a reporter asked him if he would be willing to be slimmed down by Nickelodeon, he had a cheerful answer.

Before the Wild Card vs. 49ers match at Nickelodeon, Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy reveals that he has no idea what slime is.

Come on, Mike! According to the Internet, slime was first used on Nickelodeon in 1979!

The good news is … he didn’t say no. He said, “Anything for kids.” There’s a lot at HC in this game. I’m willing to bet that if the Cowboys can win against the hot Niners, McCarthy will be happy to pour himself a pile of green mud.

If he does, he will join the A-list of celebrities who have been slimmed down. Athletes like David Beckham, Russell Wilson, Lindsey Vonn, Rob Gronkowski, Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, Von Miller, Marshawn Lynch and many others have been downsized.

You can’t say “nothing for kids” to the record and then back off. Here’s a preview for you, Coach!

And if you’re interested: yes, and tone slime has already arrived in JerryWorld.

Many of the team’s stars seem to be fully attuned to what awaits them in victory.

If it’s not McCarthy, which Cowboys player do you want to see slimmed down? I’m sure green smooth will go well with the White-Out atmosphere that Dallas is planning.

David Berry

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