Enjoy the ride, the Rockets have a second choice

With the NBA 2021 proposal in just three days, the hyperbola around the group of young men intensified to the point of declining yield.

Evan Mobley? It’s a mixture Giannis Antetokounmpo, Anthony Davis and Kevin Durant.

Jalen Green? Oh, it is Kobe Bryant missing Michael Jordan.

In fact, every player in the upcoming draft has the same chance of overcoming or failing to meet any (realistic) expectations placed on him. The system into which they are embedded. The work they put in. Good luck with their health. These are the factors that will decide whether or not they will one day be labeled an unfair nickname “crash.” But keep in mind:

The Rockets have the second choice.

About a month ago, the Rockets had a better chance of getting 18th place overall than the top three. The risk that the team took in exchange for a franchise player in a season when he did not manage his own destiny in the upcoming draft was not ideal. Whether or not they intended to be so bad is another discussion. Allowing Harden out despite his antics (shouting at coaches in Vegas and Atlanta) and basically begging him to be sent away was something that seemed premature at the time. Sending Harden out without getting an established young star in return in a year when the Rockets did not control their draft pick seemed even premature. I’m happy to say that the front office is less risk averse than I am, and it worked.

The Rockets have the second choice.

James Harden he said it was crazy. He ended up in his favorite destination, and the lack of talent that surrounded him in Houston was exaggerated in the following months. It was a period plagued by a hero from his hometown who was our a guy who tells us we’re not good enough for him anymore. A season plagued by injuries and irregularities. The period plagued, by the plague. The city of Houston deserves this choice, but it often doesn’t matter. We could all rely on the hope of a Ziaire Williams or Jalen Johnson sliding, but no.

The Rockets have the second choice.

In the end, Lady Luck favored the Rockets and they ended up with a double draft, where the top four players consistently separated from the package (I personally see it as the top three, but I also disagree). The players who will most likely be drafted in second place on Thursday are G-League Ignite’s Green or USC’s Mobley. Each player has created the following online. “Mobley Mob” prioritizes analytics and uses his perception of intellectual choice as a sword. The “Green Gang” (I prefer the Green Party) favors intangibles, tops, and athletics and uses the previous “crashes” of great men (I really hate that term) as its weapon. Each side was aggressive in its pursuit, but something that slipped through the cracks: Despite how clever Mobley Mob believes they are and how fast the Green Gang would run to greet Jalen in Houston, none of them had a say in the draft. Rockets will choose who, according to Rockets, is a better choice.

The Rockets have the second choice.

The post-lottery period gave something clear; many Rockets fans believe they have the only right answer and that the team should and would like to listen to them (because who wouldn’t?). Some of these statements will be correct in the end, and some of these statements will be wrong, but if I have to guess, none of them will count in the decision-making process about who the team will eventually select at # 2. We as fans should meet at the moment and just sit down for a ride.

The Rockets have the second choice.

It is not often that the Rockets have such a high selection. Only one player will be off the court if the Rockets stand firmly on # 2. The Rockets will have their choice of prospects who have worked tirelessly to get to this point in their lives. I would like everyone to exceed expectations, but history and reality say it is highly unlikely. Many will be conceived as footnotes, while others will be chapters and a few selected will be full novels. Whether the Rockets take Jalen or Evan, the front office makes their selection based on an educated estimate stemming from the extreme amount of work, energy and effort put into the process, and I’m thrilled to see how things go. Mobley Mob and Green Gang, enjoy this week, because Thursday is the whole Red Nation.

The Rockets have a second choice!

David Berry

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