A story behind the stories with author and illustrator Charles Row

With her Charlie Brown bow tie, friendly greetings and a colorful show of illustrated children’s books, visitors to Farm and craft market of vines they are naturally attracted to the interview with author and illustrator Charles Rowe. Merry cartoon drawings of the big-eyed and blurry yellow dog Hanka invite readers of all ages to look into the pages The adventures of Hank and friends.

Rowe’s books were born from years of sketching and observing the world around him. As a child, he enjoyed transforming cartoons from one of his favorite cartoonists, Charles M. Schulz and others he found in Sunday newspapers. He also spent hours high in a pine tree drawing wildlife and scenes from his neighborhood in Titusville, New Jersey, near the historic Washington Crossing State Park. Throughout his life, he continued to sketch and Hank and his surroundings were born.

Charles Rowe
Charles Rowe with his cartoons behind him

“My brother and I grew up near a river road and near railroad tracks. We cycled everywhere, “he said. “We lived in the historic district and I have great memories of our home and the things we did there. Hank’s surroundings were inspired by all this. “

Rowe currently has five books published on Hank and his neighborhood, and more are on the way. He said selling his work at Grapevine Farmers & Artisan Market was an enriching experience because he likes to engage with other artisans and see more sales in person than online.

“You have to put your face in the book,” he said. “It has a lot to do with it.” I believe in one-on-one conversations where people can see books. ”

Charles Rowe
Charles Rowe in his studio

Selling books from the market allows him to expand his product line and write more books. He has three more books in progress, two about Hank and one about the new character he is developing.

“I’m so grateful to be able to share my stories and with everyone who bought Hank’s books,” Rowe said. “Thinking that someone likes what I did amazes me, and seeing children’s expressions as they read my books is priceless.”

To learn more about Hank, his adventures and author Charles Rowe, stop by the Farmers & Artisan market on Saturday until September 11 from 10:00 to 16:00 or visit AdventuresOfHank.com.

Charles Rowe and his wife at the Farmers & Artisan Market
Charles and his wife sell books at Grapevine Farmers & Artisan Market

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