Calling all the musicians from Fort Worth: Amplify 817 wants to hear you

Rapper Lou Charles sits facing the camera

Fort Worth Rapper Lou CharLe $ presented his music on Amplify 817. Could you be next?
Photo: Lou Charle $

If some Fort Worth musicians have decided to be more visible in the new year, Amplify 817 would love to hear your opinion.

The two-year-old streaming service is inviting Fort Worth musicians to request their music on the streaming platform now by January 31st. The service is available through the Fort Worth Public Library in partnership with Hear Fort Worth and is partly sponsored by the Fort Worth Public Library Foundation.

Amplify 817 is available for free streaming at According to Fort Worth Public Library music library Rita Alfaro, his goal is a little different from platforms like Spotify, Tidal or Pandora.

“We pay our artists $ 300 in advance for the rights to stream their music on the web and also keep them part of our growing network,” Alfaro said by email. “We are happy to recommend artists for various programs and performances around Fort Worth, and we also continually support and promote all of their projects, concerts, and content through our social media.”

So far, more than 50 Fort Worth musicians across genres have been received – including rapper Lou CharLe $, who premiered his latest LP, Life goes on, through the platform last year. The $ 300 fee allows Amplify817 to stream music for three years.

To log in, visit and click on the “Submit” tab at the top of the page and fill out the online form. In order for artists to be considered, they must record a representative sampler (a total of about four songs) taken from a certain point in the last five years. The contributions are then examined by a five-member jury, which consists of individuals with ties to the local music scene or familiar with it. We currently accept contributions until January 31.

For those who are curious about what city clubs and stages sound like, Alfaro said Amplify 817, which also hosts a recurring interview / series of videos called “Off the Record,” offers an opportunity to keep your finger on the Fort Worth cultural pulse.

“It’s specifically a demonstration of our local talent, so for anyone who wants to get more out of the local scene, Amplify 817 is a great starting point,” she said by email. “It shows different genres and … we have a few selected playlists if you’re looking for more mixtape options.”

Preston Jones is a freelance writer and regular contributor to KXT.

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