Home generators for power outages

Possibility of household backup power supply No. 3 – natural gas generators

Natural gas generators are much less common than diesel generators, but they have a big advantage. You are not dependent on regular fuel supplies, because natural gas reaches your home via underground pipelines. Natural gas also produces less emissions than diesel when used to produce energy.

If you own a medium-sized business, you may even consider installing a gas microturbine. You can generate your own electricity and waste heat can be captured for water heating – and also for indoor spaces in winter.

In general, gas networks are more resilient than electricity networks. When the electricity supply is interrupted, you can generate energy for your building from natural gas. However, February 2021 was an extreme case – low temperatures also eliminated gas drilling.

In short, a natural gas generator has the advantage of using utilities and is not dependent on diesel supplies.

David Berry

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