Did Mike McCarthy overshadow the Cowboys because of COVID-19 issues?

check in to a team hotel is an option for everyone. He hopes that many will accept this possibility. HC also encourages its players to be safe and safe.

Maybe he secretly cast a shadow over several of his players in one of his comments when he mentioned “basketball games.”

Did Cowboys HC Mike McCarthy overshadow Amari Cooper and Micah Parsons for participating in the Dallas Mavericks?

Why did McCarthy mention basketball games? Last Wednesday, Cowboys stars Micah Parsons and Amari Cooper were seen in court at the Dallas Mavericks game.

It is likely that they wanted to be there to see Dirk Nowitzki leave in a jersey. But is it worth it when your team is missing less than two weeks from the playoffs? Their coach seems to think that was not the case.

Parsons also participated in another Mavs game two days before that in the photo below. It is worth noting and of course there is no evidence of this correlation that Parsons was added to the COVID-19 list shortly after these games.

The above tweet from Cowboys reporter Jon Machota shows Cooper and Parsons sitting without a mask on January 5 next to Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw.

Hopefully, the Cowboys can stay back from public appearances until the end of the post-season. I think we all agree that taking a risk that could get you off the ground is simply not a good idea at the moment. Dallas will need all the hands on board to have a chance at the Super Bowl.

David Berry

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