The year 2021 a wine lover in Texas at a glance

Year 2021 at a glance with the application

Another year ends, so that means there’s another time for my annual review. 2020 brought new things, such as a pandemic, and we all thought 2021 would be the end of it, but we found that was not true.

Earlier this year, we began to see some easing as Texas wineries began to reopen without all the restrictions imposed by the Texas governor. We had several posts on the mandate for the masks, which eventually came loose during the year. Virtual tastings continued to prove popular, and Texas Fine Wine continued to offer virtual tastings throughout the year.

Here are some highlights of 2021 for a Texas wine lover:

  • We had nine authors who wrote at least one blog post in 2021. These authors came from Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio, Fredericksburg, Houston and others covering the entire state.
  • The year 2021 was quieter in blog posts due to the pandemic, but we still published at least one post each week and eventually wrote 112 posts.
  • Texas Wine Lover is still the only website that brings you all the main results of wine competitions, while Texas wineries are filtered out of the results. Fortunately, the wine competitions began again in 2021, and in one year I judged most wine competitions, including one in upstate New York.
  • We continued as a monthly winemaker. I just watched and I can’t believe that the first profile of a winemaker was published in January 2014 and we publish one every month. I’m looking for a winemaker from Texas who will be introduced in 2022, so if you’re a winemaker who hasn’t been before, or you know a winemaker who hasn’t been, please contact me.
  • Wine festivals were also severely affected during the pandemic. Our list of Texas wine festivals on the Fun Stuff menu on the website was still a challenge to keep up with due to the numerous changes caused by the pandemic, but people were happy to get back. I will be working on the list of wine festivals 2022 soon. I have already heard from several wine festival coordinators about next year’s plans, so if you haven’t told me yet, please let me know and we will add your wine festival to the list.
  • Advertisers continued to support Texas Wine Lover, and we helped them inform consumers. Please see the direct ads on the web and please support our advertisers!
  • The social network numbers for Texas Wine Lover are currently as follows: 10 812 Likes on Facebook (All Organic [that means we did not pay for any Likes unlike some other Facebook pages]) for our Facebook page, 4,515 members of a very active Facebook group, 4,818 Twitter followers and 4,169 followers on Instagram. Our list of email subscribers is constantly growing. Have you already subscribed to our mailing list?

A very popular feature of the Texas Wine Lover website is the winery map, where everyone on the map will find Texas wineries to visit. There is also a list of wineries where you can filter by certain criteria. The end result of these two areas will get you to a specific page, one page for each winery. On this page we present basic information about each winery, including all blog posts we have written about the winery.

Mobile application preview

I haven’t announced it yet, so this is the first time you’ve heard that we’ve now added working days and hours for each winery to their winery page. How great is that? We’ll improve the filter soon, so if you want to know, for example, what wineries are open in Fredericksburg on Monday, you’ll be able to find out now.

The improvement of the winemaking details page was crucial due to another feature that I am announcing for the first time here. I’ve been writing quieter since August as I work with developers to create a Texas Wine Lover mobile app that includes data from the Texas Wine Lover map and winery list! The app will have more data on each winery than currently exists, along with some great features just for you.

I have personal experience with software development (I’m currently a software program manager), but I never realized it would be so hard to build an application! The app is coming up and we will have plenty of opportunities for businesses to get involved where we can help consumers find them. The application for Android and iOS will be available in 2022!

It looks like the exciting year 2022. Cheers!

David Berry

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