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Finding a fitness routine you can enjoy should not be a difficult task.

We know how busy life can be -  it's easy to forget how important your mental and physical health is, which is why Belief Martial Arts is here to help.

Whether you’re interested in physical fitness, self-defense, or even an athletic social outlet, our school maintains a safe and positive environment for you to achieve your goals. 

Krav Maga is a unique martial arts discipline that is well-suited for both men and women. It is perfect for those that are looking to improve their self-defense skills or want to get into better shape than they’ve ever been before. It is also a great way to meet like-minded people and become part of a unique community.

Transform Yourself from the Inside Out at Belief Martial Arts.

Let Us Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals, While Learning Self-Defense Skills That Could Save Your Life.

Krav Maga Empowers Students by:

Increasing Awareness

Building Self-Confidence

Teaching Self-Defense Skills

Krav Maga at Belief Martial Arts: Get Fit While You Learn to Protect Yourself

Krav Maga teaches self-defense skills you can use in the real world. It was originally developed for use by the Israeli military. Krav Maga combines techniques from boxing, savate, Muay Thai, Wing Chun, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, and grappling.

The primary goal of Krav Maga is to neutralize the threat as quickly and efficiently as possible - anything goes. There is very little fighting etiquette to learn and an emphasis is placed on attacking vulnerable soft tissues and pressure points, such as the eyes, neck or throat, face, solar plexus, groin, ribs, knee, foot, and fingers.

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What Makes Belief Martial Arts Different From Other Martial Arts Schools?

We focus on the personal development aspect of martial arts, not just self-defense moves.

Our instructors are all certified black belts, qualified and licensed to teach martial arts.

Our facility is always clean and features matted floors throughout.

FACT: Most Adults Do Not Get Enough Exercise.

28% of Americans

ages 50 and over are inactive

1 Out of 3 Deaths

is due to cardiovascular disease

Depression is 25%

less likely in people who exercise


Join the ultimate full body & mental workout with Belief Martial Arts.

Don’t be the person who is stuck in their comfort zone with no way out.  Without a workout routine that you're committed to, you'll see your metabolic speed and cardiovascular health decline.

This is why it’s so important for adults to find ways to help themselves feel better every day!

3 Ways Our Self-Defense Classes Help You
Become Empowered:

Awareness Skills

Learn how to identify and escape threatening situations.


Get in shape while learning self-defense strategies.


Increase your self-confidence as you relieve stress.

AT Belief Martial Arts, it is our mission to help you become a confident, focused individual with the life-transforming experience that is martial arts.

Traditional Meets Modern

Our program is the perfect mix of traditional martial arts and modern self-defense skills applicable in the real world. Our classes not only teach you how to protect yourself - they also instill the awareness skills necessary to avoid becoming a victim.

Relieve Stress
and Gain Confidence

Most people associate martial arts with fighting, kicks and punches. While we definitely practice drills that you can expect during martial arts classes, the truth is that confidence and mental focus are some of the biggest benefits our members report!

High Intensity Training

If you are bored with your regular gym routine and you are looking to burn major calories, while learning self-defense moves and get in the best shape of your life, you must come and check out our adult programs!

What Other Members Are Saying:

Great place to bring your kids for self confidence and self discipline. Love all the instructors they really care about the kids, making class fun yet very informative, and creating boundaries and respect. Definitely a must try! We love team belief!

Yael Gurwitz

The Woodlands & Spring

My daughter and son come to this location since June and this is definitely a family atmosphere. They are truly the best I have tried two different schools and this one is our home. My Kids love their coaches and are very inspired by them.

Audrey Ramirez

The Woodlands & Spring

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Teen and Adults Martial Arts program is for ages 13 and up.

We offer several different membership options for all age levels.

You will receive an email with instructions on how to schedule your first class. One of our instructors will call you, or you may call the school directly.

Although you will learn cool martial arts and self-defense moves, your will learn how to AVOID fights, not pick them.

Our martial arts classes' primary goal is to make sure our students have fun in a enjoyable, safe environment. Come and see a class for yourself - we all have a blast and our instructors do too.

No, our classes are a good mix of men and women of all fitness levels. Beginners train alongside some of the more experienced members, helping each other out in a enjoyable team environment.

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