Introductory course of the Karate BC NCCP competition – 12. – 13. February 2022 – Kelowna, BC – Karate BC

Course description:

nccplogoThe Introduction to the NCCP competition The course is a 2-day workshop designed for instructors and trainers who want to expand their knowledge in the competition stream. It is designed for those who want to analyze the competitive performance of athletes or become a coach at the provincial level or for the BC Winter Games. The course will take participants through a variety of modules that cover teaching and learning styles, performance analysis, competitive experience support, tournament formats, performance profiling, mental training and nutrition.

Those who complete this course will be considered trained at the beginning of the competition and can obtain certification by completing tasks 1-6 from the coaches portfolio. For those who want to be assistant coaches in the BC team or at the BC Winter Games, an Introduction to Competition course is required, while head coaches must be certified to enter the competition. Contact Karate BC to learn more about instructor and coach trips in BC (

Who should take this course?

  • Dojo instructors who are interested in developing their ability to analyze movement and provide constructive feedback to their athletes
  • Coaches who want to train at the provincial championships
  • Coaches who want to train at the BC Winter Games
  • Provincial coaches at national championships


Introduction to the competition:

  1. Schedule your workout (5 hours)
  2. Competitive experience support (4 hours)
  3. Performance analysis (6 hours)

Course details:

Course: Introduction to the NCCP competition
Terms: 12-13 February 2022

Saturday, February 12: 1000-1800 hours

Sunday, February 13: 1000-1800 hours


Rodney Hobson Karate Academy: 237 Rutland Road N, Kelowna BC


$ 190 for Karate BC members ($ 335 for non-Karate BC members)

Manual: You will be sent a link to a digital copy of the manual for this course. You will be able to view this document on your computer, tablet, phone during the course, if you wish, or you can use the link to the nearest copier (eg Staples) and have it printed.

Minimum participation requirements 16 years and brown ribbon.


Fill in the online registration form HERE.

NOTE: The date of registration for the course is February 4, 2022. There is a limit of 15 people for this course.


  • No lunch or food / drink will be provided. If necessary, please bring your own food / drink.
  • No uniform required – wear comfortable clothing.
  • The course starts on both days at 10 o’clock.
  • Your course leader for this lesson will be: Rodney Hobson
  • ACTION: Please register before the deadline. This will ensure that you receive the correct guides before the course weekend.

Course leader: Rodney Hobson

If you have any questions, please contact Coach Development Coordinator Donna Gardecki at

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