Random things I see on the run + Andrew’s update!

Girlfriend Bangs wrote about her experience with mental illness in the Friend to Friend section HERE! She is so wonderful and I am very grateful that she shared her experience with others.


The morning!

IMG 0544

(shoes, leggings, shirts (it’s on the discount and I love this shirt), watches)

I thought I’d share with you a few random things I’ve seen on my runs over the last few months!

You never know when you’ll need a bagel or two while driving.

IMG 7645

I see these types of piles of stones on all trails and they will always please me. One day I will have to build my own.

IMG 7650


IMG 0292

Not sure how this fountain works all winter.

IMG 0467

Dad pulling his kids on a sleigh … their giggles could be heard for miles.

IMG 0653

My tracks run in circles on my driveway because I was 0.04 away from reaching the mile when I returned!

IMG 0727

Puma … well, not so random and mostly scary, but I hope I never see one on the run again. (Puma is not in this picture, but my friends who looked at it are)

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Something I saw during my ride in the Peloton … Knox brought me my helmet for sure 🙂

IMG 1225

I love seeing it because it means I’m at my favorite running place!

IMG 1233

Hello everyone!

So Janae just asked if I could do a quick update on what’s going on for me. So I’m 1 year at a nurse school. During the pandemic, it was quite difficult to go to school and work full time in the hospital, so my school gave me the opportunity to take a few months off before I went back to school. I have another year of teaching ahead of me and then I will end the program with a full-time clinic. I have a total of 1.5 years left until the end.

I was looking forward to resting for the next few months and just working normally on shifts and having a balanced life, then I got a random email that I signed up for a 25km race in March, haha. At first I thought it was a mistake, but I know Jana better. So we’re running another race together that should be fun and could kill me!

Thank you to all the readers who recommended me to Peloton when Janae got hurt, I absolutely love it when I can’t ride outside. I loved creating your powerzone programs and it always kicks me. I didn’t realize how competitive I was until we got the Peloton !! Let me know what classes are your favorites !!

IMG 9724

He’s excited … don’t be fooled;)


Another comment on Bangs Friend!


Tell me about all the random things you’ve seen on the run lately….

Has anyone registered or persuaded you to run the race?

Who’s at school right now?

Bagel or donut… what do you think is the highest ?!

David Berry

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