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What do you need to know

  • Equipment for cold weather ready for the darkest winter days
  • Includes updates to several classic Tracksmith designs
  • Now available from Tracksmith and will definitely go fast

There are several signs that we are in the middle of another winter. For starters, we haven’t talked about anything other than Winter Grit for over a month (this is your reminder to earn your miles). Another key reminder that mercury is scarce is the return of the Tracksmith NDO collection. It comes just in time for the new year with versions of some of Tracksmith’s best pieces for cold weather. The latest collection has just dropped and here are some of our favorite pieces before they sell out.

We tried to add some brand new NDO designs as well as some old favorites. Yeah, and the new Pelli Slip-Ons look like a dream for this regenerative lifestyle – we’ll get there in a minute. We have a few pieces on the way to our Baltimore headquarters for inspection, so follow our thoughts soon.

All right, let’s do the good.

»NDO jacket

blacksmith ndo jacket

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we? And by the upper one we mean the upper layer. The Tracksmith NDO jacket is the perfect outer layer for almost all the worst days. It features a windproof and water-repellent outer shell with Inverno Blend zones that keep breathability under control. Although the jacket is gray, the reflective details on the back and bottom of the right sleeve should keep you visible when you run out of daylight.

Tracksmith combined its four-way Schoeller Dryskin stretch shell with a washable Merino layer and we are not here to argue with the results.

PRICE: $ 308

NDO – Men ‘s NDO – Women’ s Jacket

»NDO tights

stockings ndo tracksmith 2022

As above and below, the Tracksmith NDO tights are inspired by wetsuits for 2022. At first glance, they are not very different from Allston Tights, but the NDO version offers a waterproof two-layer fabric for extra warmth. There is no external softshell, but the wind cover is just as good without limiting your range of motion. The space for pockets, back pockets for envelopes and a larger zip pocket for storing the phone should not be a problem either.

As always, visibility is important and the stripes on the thighs and calves are reflective thanks to 3M technology.

PRICE: $ 198

NDO Stockings NDO Stockings NDO Stockings

»NDO Wind-Block Downeaster

ndo tracksmith 2022 downeaster

Now, in fact, there may be days when the NDO jacket is too warm, and this is where the Wind-Block Downeaster comes in. It is rather a middle layer with the wind blocking the jacket, thanks to the overlap on the jacket. front panel. You can overlay it over the base layer for days when the wind is strong, or wear it as a single layer if necessary. Like the classic Tracksmith Downeaster, the NDO version relies on a double-knit Merino compound that wicks away sweat and keeps you comfortable.

Just keep in mind that with the Tracksmith NDO Wind-Block Downeaster, you will lose some reflexes, so you may want a visibility add-on.

PRICE: $ 188

Shop NDO Wind-Block Downeaster – Men Shop NDO Wind-Block Downeaster – Women

»NDO half-tights

ndo trackmith 2022 half tight

Race day always feels better in shorts, no matter what mercury says. Tights still count as shorts and Tracksmith NDO Half Tights are ready for your winter 5K or just a quick workout. Like the NDO Tights, the Half Tights are styled after their sibling, Allston, although the stripe on the thigh is reflective for your evening miles. All design elements are also the same – you get a few small pockets for envelopes and a larger zip pocket, but this time you can show your cold buttocks.

PRICE: $ 138

Shop Tights NDO – Mens Shop Tights NDO – Mens

»NDO Merino Sweatshirt and Crew

ndo tracksmith 2022 merino

We’ve discussed the Tracksmith NDO performance collection so hotly and hard, but there are also great pieces for recovery. Take the Merino Hoodie and Crew, for example. The boys get Crew while the ladies benefit from the hood on top (yes, Thomas and Robbe are jealous). Both versions are made of a soft, Scandinavian Merino compound that wicks away moisture and keeps the smell under control.

While not designed for running, Tracksmith added reflective fiber to the hare logo and a loop to the locker to match the rest of the collection.

PRICE: $ 188

NDO Merino Crew – Pánské NDO Merino Crew – Pánské

»NDO Grayboy with long sleeves

ndo tracksmith 2022 grayboy

If you’ve been in Tracksmith for a while, you probably know the story of Grayboy – it’s a classic T-shirt named after the standard edition of the Georgetown team. That means Grayboy is anything but standard. He regularly appears in limited editions of prints, including this one for the NDO collection. The graphics can be found on the sleeves and chest and Grayboy is made of Tracksmith’s Varsity Cotton. The most standard feature of the whole shirt is that you can wear hell out of it and it will come back for a while.

PRICE: $ 75

NDO Grayboy – Men NDO Grayboy – Women

»NDO Pelli booties

ndo tracksmith 2022 slip ony

Yeah, running shoes are great, but recovery shoes are where it is in the winter months. Pelli Slip-Ony were dropped from the Tracksmith NDO collection and we will probably live in them until the spring thaw. These boots are lined with soft shearling wool and finished with Merin, which wicks away moisture and blocks odors. The LUSSO CLOUD midsole is made with Triple Stack Technology – a layer of EVA foam, memory foam and natural latex – for comfort when you let miles disappear from your feet.

PRICE: $ 165

Buy NDO Pelli Slip-On

»Gloves NDO 2 in 1

Gloves ndo tracksmith 2022

Are they gloves? Are they mittens? The answer is yes and they are as warm as they can be. Tracksmith’s 2-in-1 mittens offer an inner layer of gloves to keep your fingers warm, with a softshell glove on top to hold the elements. You can wear them as one on the coldest days (like this week, at least in the Northeast), or just stick to gloves for a little warmer days.

The glove layer adds a reflective hare logo and a racing stripe for visibility, and there’s a hidden magnet inside if your hands get too hot.

PRICE: $ 58

Buy NDO 2 gloves in 1

»NDO hat

Hat ndo tracksmith 2022

Well, we’ve warmed you up to your neck, but you lose up to 10% of your heat. The loss is even worse when the wind blows, which is where the NDO caps come from. It offers a combed back that keeps you warm, with a wide peak and ear flaps that keep the exterior elements outside. Tracksmith has finished its brand new cap design with a small reflective stripe on the back to make you visible.

Oh, and the whole shebang is lined with Inverno Blend nylon, which wicks away sweat while covering the ground.

PRICE: $ 44

Shop for an NDO hat

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