Sentence for the picture! | Hungry runner girl

I didn’t even run Peloton, but I kept up with the kids, so I call it success.

My watch told me I had a great day off.

IMG 1378

When you find out that a fruit snack has stuck to your ankle and no one has had it for a few hours …

IMG 1229

I love when the distance and pace match exactly … from running the other day.

IMG 1241

Andrew’s new trail running shirt that he will wear as he prepares for the upcoming trail race!

IMG 1241

My niece and nephew were arguing a little too much, so my brother connected them with yarn and they had to finish things like -> sweep the kitchen floor, finish a video game, sit-ups / lugs etc … joined on the wrist ha.

Screenshot 2022 01 10 at 3 49 26 PM

When you enjoy food.

IMG 1244

* Megan published it and I think I’ll join her.

IMG 1259

I like to look at Andrew’s map after he plays football with Garmin on.

IMG 1258

We tried a new churro spot last weekend and I’m planning to come back this weekend.

IMG 1201

My first running injury was when I was three, I fell on the sidewalk while running and knocked out my two front teeth.

You followed Alpinist on Netflix…. if not, be prepared to sweat the whole movie (and cry).

This time it’s time to go on the trails … it’s fun to say I have a race I’m training for again.

IMG 1177


What is your punishment for the day?

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