Ongoing task that I have to complete + tangents!

The running task of this week / month / year / life that I need you to do -> Try to brag at least once during the run. It can be anything from how your last mile passed, your form, your breath, how good you are at singing while running, your calves, your strong swings, sticking to your plan… just try it! The way we talk to ourselves during the run can change everything for us!

IMG 0293

(leggings, top, shoes, gloves)

Try it.

Screenshot 2016 09 27 at 15 04 47 PM

(Above is an old screenshot from Outside Magazine, but the article is no longer available online)

Let’s talk about some dots…

* When your neighbor leaves on your doorstep the biggest blow in the world, a rubber worm and a sweet wand … Now leave some very loud toys for their children to play on the porch;)

IMG 1219

* I liked what Sarah said last week. Really, we have to start without thinking about the weather / how it hurts us / how tired we are / how hard it will be… Ignorance is bliss :). I like to avoid thinking about it all as I prepare for running / training and just press START (on my Peloton or Garmin). This is my favorite part about early exercise, I’m often not fully awake until the 3rd mile;)

Screenshot 2022 01 07 at 12 26 26 PM

* Both were very satisfied with this situation.

IMG 9153

* My sister had a cereal bar at her daughter’s party. Teenagers liked it!

IMG 1157

* Brooke’s sewing saves the day for us … Knox’s favorite sign (he likes to rub it with his fingers as he falls asleep) fell on his favorite blanket, and Brooke sewed it up again.

IMG 1217

* Another comment I totally agreed with … IT IS NO WONDER THAT MANY OF US ALSO HAT RUNNING!

Screenshot 2022 01 07 at 16 28 07 PM

* One of my new favorite pictures.

IMG 1205

* This recipe for apricot chicken and broccoli is exceptional.

IMG 1226

* I came across this tip from my mom (which my friend printed out so I could read it the night before the marathon).

IMG 1206

* When my sister and I were younger, we drew sketches of our future homes, which included an underground tunnel that connected our houses. Turns out someone stole our idea and it’s now for sale. We just need to win the lottery really fast so we can buy it.

Screenshot 2022 01 09 at 12 03 53 PM


Share the tangent with me!

Did you have a favorite blanket or stuffed animal as a child?

With whom would you like to have the above-mentioned settlements that include an underground tunnel?

Did you like running when you were younger? In PE?

David Berry

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