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What do you need to know

  • It weighs 3.7 oz. (104.89 g.) For US M9 / US W10.5
  • The best (and brightest) upper in the whole dang game
  • You already know – X means carbon plate
  • Coming soon at the Running Warehouse for $ 160

MERCER: HOKA Cielo X LD, probably one of the worst kept secrets of prototype shoes in history (next to Streakfly), has finally arrived. And after seeing it on the feet of Olympians like Luis Grijalva, the question arises, is there a new top tip? This tip is very inspired by older tips, such as the Nike Matumbo, and gives them a new light. Some people may like it more than a new age like Dragonfly or New Balance LDX.

JORDYNN: Let me introduce Hoka Cielo X LD. The color is Radiant Yellow, but it is more of a sun-kissed combination of mandarin and grapefruit, with a weak sole in children’s blue and the logo. You will definitely have all your eyes on your feet from the stands. This spike reminds me of my favorite running state – sunny, citrus Florida!

The materials are an upper made of 100% mesh with carbon fiber, foam sole and placement of tips with 4 patterns. The laces are the right size (which you already know that long laces are my pet), the spike has a lock forming a heel with proper ventilation on the sides and in the front of the foot, which is ideal for venting the accumulated material. summer heat. The colors are simply amazing and the strike plate is a holographic material that will allow your competitors to admire the back of your feet as you walk past them. Overall, Cielo has a pleasant feeling with the right amount of space at the peak and great flexibility.

hoka cielo x ld spike pata


MERCER: Starting with an upper that looks and feels like it’s ripped straight from Matumbo and Victory 3, the Hoka Cielo X LD provides the best-fitting tip for the spikes I’ve tried after a long time. It is light and airy and disappears on foot and the lacing system locks it down to science. The upper is definitely the best part of this shoe and I hope that this style of engineering mesh will return to the forefront of long distance distances.

And it’s so great that they used it on medium-range shoes.

Switching gears to the bottom of the shoe, the impact plate is reasonably standard with a horseshoe plate with teeth surrounding the contour of the shoe, which gave a fairly decent grip on the track and allowed for a quick turn. There’s a solid amount of exposed foam and exposed sheet metal, but you don’t really care if you don’t run on a gravel track, and it saves some weight. Hoka decided to add more sticky plastic to the outer heel for some stability elements and I had no problems.

The carbon fiber used in this shoe is probably my favorite use of the board, not very noticeable, but it keeps the feet moving when they are torn.

JORDYNN: I liked that the spikes were so light. These were probably some of the lightest long spikes I wore. In the past, you sometimes had an extremely light shoe that ended up burdened by the board. This was not the case with Hok Cielo X LD. Even though the board was light, the shoe still had some durability and flexibility, which helped me at the end of the run as I used more drive to finish. Not to mention the beauty, but the color is as vivid as a juicy orange waiting to be torn.

HOKA Racing Shoes – Men’s HOKA Racing Shoes Shop

hoka cielo x ld laces

The Bad

MERCER: The recent trend of distance spikes is the increasingly aggressive plates of the front of the foot, and this shoe really needed it – the center of the abdomen of my foot just seemed weak and useless, because this place was not filled by any plate (inner or outer).

The future is now and every brand is omitting EVA from their racing shoes, except HOKA, it seems. The midsole was a 70-degree porridge, yet the brick was at 45 degrees, and the only thing that barely stirred it was the board.

I also have a slightly torn foam top on my right leg, but it can only be my model.

JORDYNN: Overall, Hoka Cielo X LD was phenomenal. However, I have a feeling that I would only be able to get to a few weekend races with the tip. My intuition says that it is not made for durability and its lifespan would be relatively short. I feel that way because of the light and airy foam sole. And one bad move from me or the competition would tear it up pretty quickly. The goal with this tip would be to take advantage of the light weight to get ahead soon and leave everyone else behind.

HOKA Racing Shoes – Men’s HOKA Racing Shoes Shop

hoka cielo x ld spike side and sole

HOKA Cielo X LD Spike Conclusion

MERCER: If this shoe fell at the 2016 Olympics, HOKA would have both the world’s biggest peak and probably a letter from Nike telling them to stop copying their tops. But now we’re here in 2022 and the midsole just can’t withstand FuelCell or ZoomX. If you enjoyed the past, it will be your favorite thing, but if you are looking for new technology, you may want to look for another brand.

JORDYNN: I would throw the HOKA Cielo X LD Spike into my top five options for both race day and track lovers. The tip has the perfect color for energetic pickup and fits perfectly and works to help you win some races. I can’t wait to try the tip during the season, so hopefully you’ll see me there soon as I look like a smooth orange flash around the track!

You can pick up the HOKA Cielo X LD at the Running Warehouse soon (with free 2-day delivery and 90-day return) using the shop link below.

HOKA Racing Shoes – Men’s HOKA Racing Shoes Shop

Jordy is a 14-year-old athlete from Dallas, Texas who has earned more than 30 nations and 13 national championships over her five-year career. She is also an excellent student whose favorite subjects are science and English.

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