Nell Rojas has signed a shoe contract with Adidas

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Two months spent signing with a shoe sponsor had gloomy moments for Nell Rojas (34). Even after the remarkable fall season of 2021, when she won her first American Championship at Cherry Blossom 10 Miler and finished as the first American to the Boston Marathon, no exciting offer awaited her. According to Rojas, several brands cited her age as the reason they did not sign her. All the while, she watched a fellow runner older than her signing.

“They just didn’t think I fit their brands,” she said.

But on December 10, with the help of agent Ray Flynn, Rojas signed a contract with Adidas. “I’m really excited about Adidas,” Rojas said Women’s running on the phone, adding that she feels confident in the company’s shoes.

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Her confidence in the company was strengthened when she made her first request: the replacement of sports equipment for a friend’s daughter, who had lost her home in the Marshall Fire, which destroyed more than 1,000 homes, hotels and businesses outside Boulder, Colorado on December 30.

“Sometimes it’s hard to ask for help, but this was a very strange thing. And I think it was appropriate to ask for help, so I just asked. “

The friend first asked if Rojas could get a coupon code to help replace workout clothes at a discount, but without hesitation, Adidas delivered nine boxes of clothes, equipment and shoes on behalf of Rojas.

“He has a long time before life returns to normal, but I think the little things that show that we care about him help,” Rojas wrote on Instagram on Tuesday.

For Rojas, it also set a positive tone for her new partnership with the brand as her career as a runner and coach grows. “I think it’s exciting because I know they’re open to other things and that if I have ideas, I can push them.”

Signing a brand contract and starting an online coaching business (and therefore spending less time on personal coaching) allowed Rojas to work less in the new year and focus more on his own training. Sleeping and not trying to squeeze in training before work, she said, was “the most amazing thing ever.”

Although the fall of 2021 was exciting, in 2022 she now has something to look forward to as a sponsored athlete, starting with the Houston Half Marathon this Sunday. The Boston Marathon will run for the second time in April and will compete in the Gate River Run 15K Championships in March. All this with her new sponsorship in tow.

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