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King Kohei is saying goodbye to us

In the news

Legend is retiring. Uchimura Kohei resigned this week. After the 2021 season, Uchimura said he would spend some time thinking about continuing, but in the end, the injuries he suffered throughout quad 2020 left him to train only a high bar, so it was clear. that if he decided to continue, he would have quite limited capacity and probably would not be included in a number of teams.

Overwhelmed by not winning the bar at the Tokyo Olympics, he fought his way to the World Cup, where he earned a place in the finals and later said that despite finishing sixth, he felt love from the crowd in his hometown of Kitakyushu, and “did not regret” that he made it the last routine of his career.

After 15 years of senior competition, 33-year-old Uchimura is leaving the sport with seven Olympic medals, including multi-combat gold medals in 2012 and 2016, as well as team gold in 2016 and 21 world medals, six of which are multi-combat medals. gold after winning each title from 2009 to 2015. His latest world medals include silver on the high bar and team bronze in Doha in 2018.

This will be good. Dagmar Kersten, a silver medalist at the 1988 Olympic Games who was unknowingly part of the East Germany doping program after suffering a spinal injury in 1985, announced on Instagram that she would launch a podcast about her involvement in sports. Kersten, now 51, coached the German junior national team until 2002, and after coaching taekwondo to obtain a second tax black belt, currently runs the Lohan Dojo Martial Arts School in Oldenburg, Germany. She will be a woman with STORIES, so if the podcast is in German, I hope to find someone who can work on translating the most important information.

Suni so famous. 2020 Olympic champion Suni Lee, who began her college career in Auburn last weekend as the first multi-champion Olympic champion to compete in the NCAA, continues to make headlines after her success in Tokyo overnight changed her life. Thanks to NIL, Lee will be able to make money while competing with colleagues, she said People this week launches a collection of sportswear with PrettyLittleThing. Nice to see you.

Unfortunately, and angrily, Lee has also appeared on the news several times because of the racism she regularly faces as an Asian American. In November, Lee said she was attacked by pepper spray when she was in Los Angeles with friends, and Lee recently told the press that she also faced opposition from the Hmong community after sharing her picture with her friend Jaylin Smith, who is Black.

A lifetime of meetings to watch. Staying inside to escape the cold and COVID? Katherine Keirns covered you. The gym historian has compiled a list of 837 videos from international competitions in 1975 that should keep you busy flight.

The German future. Emma Malewski, one of Germany’s rising stars and Olympic hopefuls in 2024, was featured in the documentary Y-Kollektiv, which follows her during a day in her life at the Chemnitz Olympic Training Center. The 17-year-old Malewski made his senior Euro debut in 2021 and won a place in the Olympic trials, finishing sixth in all-around. Although she has not had a problem challenging the German top stars yet, Malewski has a lot of potential and with a little more time she could be a very strong candidate for a trip to Paris.

Meet update

Elite Canada canceled. It’s like déjà vu again … again. With Omicron on the rise, Gymnastics Canada has decided cancel this year’s Elite Canadawhich was to take place in Vancouver in early February 16. With all the races that take place in practice in 2021, this means that elite gymnasts in Canada have not met in person since Gymnix almost two years ago, which has devastating effects on young athletes. He is trying to get on the national team, raise funds and place himself as candidates for NCAA scholarships.

In response to the severe constraints faced by elite gymnasts, while top athletes in other sports such as hockey can continue training and games as usual, the Ontario gymnastics community – where restrictions are particularly draconian with a three-week blockade currently in place – has created a petition which will allow elite gymnasts to return to the gyms in the hope that the government will allow them to train in small groups of five athletes at a time.

calendar for 2022. There are things outside Canada almost normal, with a large number of domestic and international meetings scheduled for the upcoming season. I’ve compiled a calendar for 2022 that shares everything we know about, and generally adds as more federations announce meetings as they approach, so keep it on your bookmarks!

The elite season kicks off next week with the first American national qualifier in Las Vegas and then the second qualifier in Puyallup, Washington a week later, with the first international meeting to be the WOGA Classic and its MAG counterpart, the Liukin Invitational. , in Friscus, Texas on February 12, although it is not clear at the moment whether any of them will see gymnasts from outside the United States. The Cottbus World Cup is expected to be the first FIG meeting this year, starting on February 24 in Germany.

NCAA corner

Rankings. Although several meetings were canceled due to the COVID protocol in the first week of the 2022 NCAA season, including the Collegiate Classic in California, a total of 44 teams were able to compete. Five teams have already reached benchmark 197 and the top ten is currently here.

1. Michigan 197,750
2. Florida 197,675
3. Oklahoma 197,400
4. Utah 197,100
5. Denver 197,000
6. LSU 196,950
7. Missouri 196,600
8. Chestnut 196,050
9. State of San Jose 195,950
– Iowa 195 950

The team wants it. Auburn shared the beautiful Take a look behind the scenes as the lineup is decided in the team’s debut last week. After sophomore Tara Walsh, who was not given the opportunity to compete in her first season, showed impressive jumping work in practice, head coach Jeff Graba told Aria Brusch that although he thought she deserved a comprehensive hit, he felt Walsh had earned . the right to seduction on the vault instead of Brusche.

The video shows how he explains his decision to the pleasant Brusch, shares the news with Walsh in front of her encouraging team, and then Walsh hits Yurchenko in the competition and gains 9.8. On the bus after the meeting, Graba calls Brusch as a selfless leader who prioritizes the team over his individual goals, adding, “He wants the team.” Who put those onions in my eyes ?!

Our first perfect 10. The first and second perfect ten of the season belonged to the Oklahoma vaulters when Katherine LeVasseur stuck her Yurchenko 1½, followed immediately by another strong 1½ from Allie Stern. The jurors seem to have not yet dismounted from their LeVasseur maximum in awarding Stern’s score, with Stern showing a few small but visible errors … but as a person who dislikes the lack of attention to minor details in the NCAA’s assessment, I must admit that LeVasseur’s was BEAUTIFUL. I’ll give it to her.

Lynnzee Brown was so close. One of my favorite routines of the week was Lynnzee Brown of Denver on the floor, where the super senior in her Destiny’s Child mashup showed audacity and sticks for 9,975. The queen is back.

Let the injury begin. Unfortunately, the NCAA’s return marks a major injury, with the two most anticipated transitions from the elite to college this year being interrupted because Morgan Hurd underwent ACL surgery, which she partially tore last year, and completed the work in a week. before leaving for Florida and missed her throughout the 2022 season.

Kara Eaker got off to a great start in Utah, performing brilliant work on the beam until it reaches 9.8 on the floor. But then her hand slipped as she warmed Jurchenko’s timer on the vault, causing her to land awkwardly and break away from the rest of the meeting. Eaker will undergo an ankle magnetic resonance imaging this week, skipping Friday’s opening game against Oklahoma, although her condition for the rest of the season is currently unknown.

As a side note, in addition to Eaker, Red Rocks’ lineup last weekend of 2020 included Amelie Morgan and Grace McCallum in first place, two-time US junior national champion Maile O’Keefe anchoring and outstanding Cristal Isa and Abby. Paulson in the middle of the list. That makes dreams come true. Suddenly I’m a Utah tent.

There were a number of other injuries in the first week of the competition, including Sami Durante and LSU’s Haleigh Bryant and UNC’s Hallie Thompson. Durante pressed her thumb against the bars, and Bryant felt pain as he warmed up on the floor, which turned out to be related to plantar fasciitis, though neither seemed serious at the moment. Thompson’s injury, however, is unfortunately an ACL rupture that is likely to keep her out of season.

Men also compete. If you’re watching the NCAA women’s season, why not look at men as well? Kensley Behel put together an incredible thread which details everything you need to know to become NCAA MAG superfans, and a full schedule for the upcoming season is available at Road to Nationals.

Four teams competed in the first week, with Michigan currently leading the way with excellent teams from Crew Bold, Nick Guy and David Wolma. This week, they will face Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Northern Illinois, Ohio State and the UIC at the Windy City Invitational, while Stanford National Champions of 2021 will debut against their biggest rival, Oklahoma, at the Rocky Mountain Open, which also features the Air Force, the state. Arizona, Nebraska and Rocky Mountain Pride.

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Incredible comeback Kamogelo Mokeke. The South African federation shared paddle run by Kamogelo Mokeke on Twitter, where the gymnast – who lost her leg in a trampoline accident in 2017 – won a silver medal in the 4 15+ category at the national championships, where she competed alongside skilled gymnasts. Read more about Mokeke’s story.

Minami Kazuki is a double double half output to lay out the double front. It sounds like a straightforward lie, but no, Minami Kazuki showed a double double half output directly to the double layout this week on Instagram. It’s the kind of thing I say to myself, sorry, it’s impossible while my eyes are literally watching it happen. The 21-year-old, who won a silver medal on the floor at the World Championships last year, is truly in his own class.

Oksany Chusovitiny front beam holder. Oksana “I’m really retired, I mean it this time, stop asking me, it’s God’s sincere truth” Chusovitina is not only back in the gym, but she confirmed in the What Makes You Think podcast that she hopes she can get the headlight. mount named after her at this year’s Asian Games. Queen shared video skills in December, and even though it looks pretty great, she has until September before the games start to hone.

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