How to avoid the 4 most common holiday food destroyers

Bad food planning strategies

I get it. You waited all year for your mother’s famous Christmas stuffing with goose and cornbread. And while your family sits down at the dining table to say grace, all you can think about is how high you put the good on the plate.

It’s no mystery that holiday meals are total calorie bombs. You may not be sure how to hold back from that seventh piece of pecan pie. There are several strategies you can use.

Remedy: First, eat something healthy and rich an hour before eating. You don’t want to stuff yourself and come to the table without a craving for your mom, it will definitely break your heart, but having a small salad or a big apple in a pre-match meal will help you show a little restraint. Second, make sure you start by loading proteins on the plate, such as turkey or ham and vegetables. These are foods that satisfy you, are friendly to ab-friendly and are much less likely to get involved in helping after you help parties (in addition, they are excellent).

Once you’re done with them, go to the normal portions of things you’ve been longing for. Finally, if the food is served as a buffet, make a pact that you will only load your plate once, and again make sure that it is three-quarters full of protein and vegetables. This way, when spring break comes, you will spend more time fighting hot girls from your body and less time trying to remove another cup of sauce from your body.

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