Asai Tetsuhiko Sensei was Shotokan’s greatest master of ‘collective movement’. I mean “FULL MOVEMENT” as opposed to dotting “i” and crossing “t” (on individual waza). This is difficult to understand if one does not experience his karate first hand.

His karate was a deadly event with an artistic genius seamlessly connected. In fact, total unpredictability and frightening timing. I’m not trying to turn a man into a karate god here, but I don’t think many people understand the incredible skill level of Asai Sensei. Nowadays, people are fixated on unimportant things, which “… transmits karate from effective martial arts to nothing but movement demonstration”. Such people cannot fight, they are just demonstrators of movement. THIS IS NOT BUDO / BUJUTSU KARATE JAPAN.

Rather than saying more, here are some pictures to think about. This path of bujutsu karate is the one I have been following since I started learning from Asai Sensei in 1993. It is not only a technique, but also the freedom to expand and maximize myself. In addition, kumite and self-defense are closely linked to kihon and kata. All my senpai, peers and students (both here in Japan and around the world) are doing this. OSU, AB

© Andre Bertel. Oita City, Japan (2022).

David Berry

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