Friday favorites!

(Shorts, long sleeves, shoes, bra, gloves at 30-50 degrees, which I love)

My legs always feel fresher after a day of rest and yesterday they were ready to get out and speed up a bit.

I want to try my plantar at short intervals for another week or so before I try something longer, and this was a perfect short interval run. 2 x 3 minutes + 3 x 1 minute. I’m not sure how Robin can always say exactly what I need to help me get through, but she does. PS: I’m glad I can report zero plantar speed issues.

IMG 1398

I finished with a total of 9 miles (I started over 20 minutes when I reached 4 miles).

IMG 1399

Andrew, Beck and I went to lunch for my favorite rice dish. Andrew had a salad and 30 minutes later he was in the peloton and doing a demanding lesson… I don’t understand how this is possible.

IMG 1407

He’s just happy whenever Skye puts him in her game.

IMG 1417

For dinner, I made gnocchi on a plate (with a skate instead of asparagus). It was so good and easy.

IMG 1418

Brooke made fried ice cream as dessert!

IMG 1419

Beck is so fascinated by Beretta.

IMG 1422


Favorites for this week:

* Jeans I want to live in. I decided that if I buy some cute pieces for the spring, spring will appear here soon. In the spring I will wear them every day with a T-shirt and sneakers. They’re big, so I went two sizes down with them!

IMG 1412

* It’s not the best picture of a real toy, but the best look at Skye. This Elmo alphabet set was the biggest thing that helped my kids with their letters. They are looking forward to using it together, it is easy to occupy places (trips !!) and it is simple.

IMG 1077

* Sunglasses that are very cute but also very cheap because I lose them over time (losing sunglasses is my specialty). $ 13!

IMG 1414

* Our trail shoes have arrived … I went with Hoka Speedgoat (some friends with the plantar told me they were the only trail shoes they would wear now) and Andrew went with Wildhorse. I can’t wait to pull them out into the dirt!

IMG 1413


Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?

Something you often lose?

How much time do you need between eating and exercising?

If you have a pet, how are you with the children?

David Berry

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