Our running warehouse Tips of the week (14. 1. 2022)

What do you need to know

  • Complete your wardrobe in cold weather with some equipment for a running warehouse
  • Stay comfortable in the middle of your winter miles
  • Don’t forget to run after a run
  • Come back next week for even more good things

I won’t lie, it’s very fun to spend some time each week walking through the Running Warehouse and choosing from them. However, it can be difficult not to let Ariana Grande “7 rings” in full and start buying things left and right here and there. This is one of those weeks. We have a lot of offers that you can go through, and the New Balance Heat Grid layers are some of my personal favorites.

We tried to cover the whole range of starts, but every week is a mystery. Our selection is everywhere this week, but there is always something to pick up. Our goal is to provide several new selections each week, so come back soon if you don’t have a selection from this week.

If we checked one of our tips, we will definitely link it. If not … maybe just trust us? If we had an unlimited budget, we would buy all this equipment ourselves.

NOTE: We earn associated revenue from the Running Warehouse, so anything you buy will help us keep the lights on.

Power Plate Mini + massage device

running warehouse power plate mini plus

Let’s be honest – we don’t always take recovery as seriously as we should. Whether it’s a lack of time or just conceit, it’s a good way to end your sore feet. Fortunately, personal masseurs have a moment right now. The Power Plate Mini + is a solid new choice and is ready to travel at just six inches. It follows the KISS principle to make everything easy, with just one button to control the massage device and one ball-shaped end. You can choose from four different speeds in case you really need to get around the node.

PRICE: $ 150

Power Plate Mini + store

Saucony Peregrine 11 – Sale

running warehouse saucony peregrine 11

We have the Saucony Peregrine 12 on our feet for testing, which means it’s a great time to catch last year’s model. There’s not much change underfoot, so you can bet on a comfortable ride with an incredible grip. The classic Saucony trail model relies on the PWRTrac sole under the rock plate, which ensures you safety in various terrains, and there are many colors to choose from. In fact, the biggest changes are coming year after year in the upper, which seems to be getting better from year to year.

Unfortunately, Peregrine 11 never got into our hands, so we don’t have a review to share with you.

PRICE: For sale for $ 95 (was $ 120)

Buy Saucony Peregrine 11

Brooks Elite Tank Top – Men’s Sale

running stock brooks tank top

We’ve never claimed to be elite runners here at Believe in the Run, but that doesn’t mean we can’t wear that part. While some people like to wear their favorite NFL jersey, we will be dressed as one of Brooks’ elite teams. All three versions of the 2021 elite tank top are on sale right now. This means you can wear a Brooks Beasts or Hansons coat, or choose the classic version without team affiliation.

Brooks also recently launched a new elite 2022 tank top, unless you’re afraid to save a few bucks.

PRICE: For sale for $ 58.88 (was $ 90)

Shop Brooks Elite Tank Top – Men’s

New Balance Half-Zip heating grille

running warehouse new balance heat grid

Sometimes our Selections of the Week at Running Warehouse aren’t even brand new products. This is one of those cases, but trust us, it’s good. I got one of these Heat Grid half zippers for Christmas and became the savior of Winter Grit. It’s semi-tight, so it’s tight but not too tight and as warm as it can be. Thumb loops help keep the medallion on the sleeve in place, and a few carefully placed zip pockets mean you can have your keys and phone close by.

New Balance has different color options for men and women, and the Heat Grid range also includes a neckline.

PRICE: $ 90

New Balance Heat Grid Half-Zip – Men New Balance Heat Grid Half-Zip – Women

Skechers GORun Maxroad 5 – New women’s color

running warehouse skechers maxroad 5

You know that a shoe is special when we create a new Best in Gear category for it. This time, Robbe made his mark in favor of the Skechers GORun Maxroad 5 – the maximum cushioned day trainer with an H-shaped carbon board. It’s been notoriously difficult to catch since last summer, so we’re glad the new colorway has finally reached the Running Warehouse. The Maxroad 5 offers a 6mm drop and there is plenty of room at the tip for a wider leg.

PRICE: $ 130

Shop Maxroad 5 – Women

rnnr Pacer Hat – New colors

running hats rnnr

We love running hats. I mean, how else will you keep your bad hair under control while you reach your mileage? Rnnr Pacer is on our list of the best running hats and has just landed in the Running Warehouse with colorful colors inspired by snacks. We chose the Skittles version above, but you can also try Oreo or Splits for color and fun. It weighs just 2.1 ounces. with laser cut mesh for top and side panels.

See also: The best running caps

PRICE: $ 38

Shop rnnr Pacer Hats

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