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I used to evaluate the strongest programs in women’s gymnastics (WAG) using my points system for their team competition performances. Now I’m doing something a little different, where I rank the programs according to the total number of medals won in the team competition.

Whereas in the past I made a difference between a gold and a bronze medal, this time not. This list is purely a list of “medal leaders” for team competition programs. Relevant disclaimers are provided at the end of the data.

Earth Total number of medals
Romania 27
The Soviet Union 24
United States 23
Russia 16
China 16
Czechoslovakia 13
East Germany 13
Hungary 8
Italy 3
Japan 3
Great Britain 3
Poland 2
Australia 1
France 1
Germany 1
Holland 1
Sweden 1
Ukraine 1
Jugoslavia 1
Romanian national team 1996

(AND) Only team medals won in women’s gymnastics at the World Championships and Olympics count.

(B) Team medals won in the interrupted action “Team portable devices” do not count (1952 and 1956).

(C) The Soviet Union is credited with winning a gold medal at the 1992 Olympic Games, while Russia is credited with winning a gold medal at the Olympic Games in 2021.

(D) China is responsible for both of its stripped medals at the 1999 World Cup and the 2000 Olympic Games. Ukraine and the United States also have these medals, and the figures consider both competitions to be undecided bronze.

1984 Romanian Olympic Team

David Berry

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