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Sunisa Lee

After sharing the best results and the best international results of 2021 yesterday, I wanted to put together an overview of the best international scores in the whole ATV (this time technically a “fifth” for the next year COVID!) Since the point code introduced in 2017 was updated until the end of the series in 2021. I included the top 100 all-round scores as well as the top 10 scores on each instrument (one per athlete using the highest international score of each athlete).

Although she decided to retire from the Olympic all-around final to prioritize her mental health, Simone Biles still scored the highest score in five years with 60,965 in World Cup qualifiers in 2018, 3,532 points more than the second highest point. , her teammate Sunisa Lee won a gold medal in all-around 57,433. Biles was also at the top of the jump and floor charts, her qualifying jumps from the worlds in 2018 set a record, while her floor in the world team finals in 2019 was the best by more than seven tenths.

Interesting fact – even though I only included one score per athlete, Biles actually had the best OSM international all-round ATV scores, and if you count the home races, she has the best 17!

Lee and Olympic pole vaulter Nina Derwael led the event with the same score of 15.4, which they both won in the team finals at the 2021 Olympic Games, and Liu Tingting, world champion in the 2018 balance beam, had the best score with 15, 3 in the Asian tournament. Championship in 2017.

The best all-round score

Best Average Vault Score

The best score of uneven bars

The best score on the balance beam

Rank Athlete Nation Year Meet Score
1 Liu Tingting China 2017 AA Asian Championship 15 300
2 Kara Eaker United States 2019 EF Pan American Games 15,266 th most common
3 Li Qi * China 2017 Junior Japan International AA 15,250 th most common
4 Simone Biles United States 2019 EF World Cup 15,066 th most common
5 Li Shijia China 2019 Zhaoqing Challenge Cup EF 15,050 th most common
6 Larisa Iordache Romania 2017 Paris Challenge Cup QF 15 000
7 Guan Chenchen China 2021 QF Olympic Games 14,933 th most common
8 Chen Yile China 2018 Asian Games QF 14 800
9 Luo Huan China 2017 AA Asian Championship 14,750 th most common
10 Flavia Saraiva Brazil 2018 Mr. Am Championships TF 14,667 th most common

The best workout score on the floor

* The athlete was a junior at the time of this competition

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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