Emile Cairess: Yorkshire runner breaks British record Mo Farah at 10,000 meters

Emile Cairess
Emile Cairess won bronze at the 10,000 m European Under-23 Championships in 2019

Emile Cairess said he had “mixed emotions” after leveling Mo Farah’s British 10,000m record in Valencia on Sunday.

The 24-year-old Leeds City runner ran 27 minutes 44 seconds, equaling the time Farah ran in London in 2010.

“I was really excited to have reached such a fast time and equaled the record, but it would be nice to do so,” Look North told the BBC.

“It gives me a lot of confidence that I can take the next step.”

He added: “I ran 27:53 this summer and my training went better in the last few weeks than before the race, so I thought I could definitely improve by 10 to 15 seconds. To make it really nice.”

Cairess, who is now going to Kenya for a month of training in warm weather, said his goal for this year is to take part in one of the major championships.

Silver Olympic medalist in the 800 m Keely Hodgkinson and triathlon champions Alistair and Jonny Brownlee are among other athletes who train in Leeds City.

“It’s great to train next to the team that’s here,” Cairess said.

“There’s an Olympic medalist and an Olympic finalist, and it’s really inspiring, and it gives you a lot of confidence that they’re training in the same environment and doing things like you, so you’re hoping to get what they do.”

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