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Virtual exercise has made homework fun again. Exercising for at least 10 minutes a day helps keep your mind and body active on cold winter days, especially when you don’t want to leave the house. It’s also beautiful when you can roll out of bed on a yoga mat and start the day with exercise, meditation, strength training, dancing or anything that allows you to start the day at a high level of endorphins. Here are our five favorite black fitness wonders that will keep you motivated and on the move during the next wave of a pandemic.

Kukuwa Fitness

Kukuwa Fitness: West African Dance (IG @kukuwafitness)

Our first favorite is a trio of black women who are family. Kukuwa is a West African dance fitness program created by Kukuwa Kyereboah (aka Mama Kuks) that encourages participants to “move their Boombsey!” While learning dances from Ghana, Kenya and South Africa. The word “Kukuwa” means “growth” in Swahili, but the whole energy of the Kukuwa community is a joy. The choreography includes super fun, dynamic full-body dances that will lift your spirits and sweat you. Each class has music from different African countries and instructors teach the culture of each dance. Kukuwa also provides various targeted exercises that focus on specific body parts such as the back, arms and core. Kukuwa is a family business and the courses are run by Mama Kuks, her daughter Coach Cass and her godmother Kree, who runs Kukuwa for mothers and children. Kukuwa Fitness is available on request at kukuwafitness.com with a three-week free trial, and there is a generous offer of free exercise videos on the Kukuwa Fitness YouTube channel. No previous dance experience is required to dance the prey.

Mary O.

Mary O .: Strength, Cardio Kickboxing and HITT (IG @nycfit)

Can you be a double mother, a kickboxing instructor and also a bodybuilder / fitness model and wife? Mary O. certainly can. If you have ever attended her live classes at Equinox NYC, you know how great a natural strength this woman is. During the pandemic, Mary O. provided complete free exercises on Instagram, including HITT, strength, cardio, kickboxing and exercises for the legs, arms, buttocks and abdominal muscles. Mary has a dance background and always has the best music to keep you excited and ready to sweat. These IG workouts are so fun and challenging. The music beats, time flies and there are a lot of exercises that do not require any additional props. You can be blissfully barefoot using only your body weight and get an overall workout that will happily exhaust you. If you were inspired by Halle Berry’s boxing skills in her film Bruised Mary O. is a skilled boxing instructor for the home fitness platform Liteboxer, which offers boxing exercises with advanced full-body technology with music and professional instructions, and you are ready to learn how to get rid of frustration. look at liteboxer.com/pages/.

Faith Hunter

Faith Hunter: Meditation and Yoga (IG @spirituallyfly)

Meditation with Faith Hunter is the perfect cure for a pandemic nervous system. Over the last two years, yoga and mindfulness meditation have experienced an extraordinary renaissance at home, and with more than a decade of experience as a yoga guide, Faith Hunter is a yoga teacher you can trust. She is the author of two books, Fly spiritually and Shades of the Soul: Meditation Journal. Faith meditation and yoga have a wonderful effect on the body, and her guided meditations perfectly calm the mind. On social networks, Faith always provides uplifting content with careful intent. Her tips for writing a diary are correct if you like to write a diary. Faith also provides an extensive catalog of free yoga and meditation lessons on her YouTube channel. If you want to make a significant difference in your life this year and immerse yourself deeply in sustainable yoga and meditation practices, Faith Hunter provides amazing tools and wisdom to guide you on your way inside.

Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts

Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts: Yoga (IG @chelsealovesyoga)

Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts is more than just a Peloton superstar. She is a graduate of Spelman with a Ph.D. from the Division of Educational Studies at Emory University and founder of Yoga and Literature Camp. Knowledgeable approach Chelsea educates the mind and body from the inside out, which allows you to learn the inner architecture of yoga positions while dissolving in strength and flexibility. Sunday morning gospel yoga lessons Chelsea in Peloton are an elixir for the soul if you like gospel music. Lessons can be taken live or recorded on your own. Her guidance through positions provides ample space for unconditional self-love, growth and acceptance of the body. Yoga with Dr. Chelsea is accessible to all levels and body types and her tone is friendly and kind. In yoga and meditation lessons Chelsea makes you feel at home. You don’t have to buy a Peloton to download the app and take the courses. Anyone can participate in yoga in the Peloton application.

Ally Love

Ally Love: Barre (IG @allymisslove)

Barre is a fitness lesson that combines elements of ballet, pilates and yoga. The Ally Love clock in Peloton is challenging and fun. Ally’s fantastic choreography moves your body while your muscles burn, and encourages you to smile only with your own weight during strenuous workouts. No shoes or other props are needed for barre classes, and all body groups receive quality training. With an extensive dance background, Ally provides expert posture instruction and functional basic strength training that encourages students to practice alignment even when they are not attending class. Barre with Ally is a fantastic exercise for people after childbirth, older adults, anyone who spends a significant amount of time working on a laptop, and for targeting muscles that are not used much every day. Here’s a tip: on long days of writing, I take a few 5 or 10 minute barre lessons in Peloton during my workday. The Peloton app offers a month of free download or two months of free when you sign up for in-app courses. In addition, Peloton courses do not require a Peloton wheel. There are courses for strength training, running, boxing and specific exercise programs for core, barre, yoga, meditation, boxing and more.

Because the coronavirus variant of Omicron is plaguing the nation by attack, many of us may not feel comfortable going to the gym this winter to get in shape for 2022. Get permission to work out at home and sweat a lot.

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