The best hidden weapons for your wallet! Watch the video and see these self-defense weapons!

This week with weapons, Amanda filled her wallet with some of our favorite self-defense weapons. Watch the video and check out my reviews on each of the items she chose.

The first self-defense weapon Amanda pulled from her purse was a pink hidden brush knife. It’s similar to the Hidden Brush Spike I’ve shown in the past, but it has a hidden blade instead of a hidden spike. That’s why I thought it would be important to try the blade to see how strong it was. Watch the video and see the results.

The second self-defense weapon we looked at was a hidden knife. In general, I like hidden knives because they are very discreet weapons, but they also have their drawbacks. Be sure to watch the video to see my full review of this product.

The third hidden weapon we reviewed was the Cat Self-Defense Keychain. We sell a number of different self-defense keychains at, but I like how comfortable it is to hold. Be sure to check local laws before carrying any self-defense weapon.

The fourth hidden weapon we looked at was the Pink Hidden Knife Kubotan. Of all the weapons we showed in the video, this one is probably my favorite because it is well made. It is made of aviation aluminum and is equipped with a thread that allows very fast unscrewing. Watch the video for the full review.

The fifth self-defense Amanda had in her purse was Hidden Lipstick Alarm. I’ve shown this in previous videos because I believe it’s a great concept for a self-defense subject.

The six hidden weapon we reviewed was a pink telescopic baton. I really like telescopic batons, but if you want to wear that size, you have to have a really big handbag. Watch the video to see my full review of this item.

The seventh self-defense weapon we looked at was Purple Pepper Spray. As I mentioned in previous videos, I feel that pepper spray can be the best protection for someone who has not taken any self-defense courses. This specific pepper spray contains a UV dye that helps law enforcement find your attacker after he has been sprayed.

The eighth hidden weapon we reviewed was the Red Hidden Lipstick Knife. I was pretty tough on this product in the video because I feel it’s a little unusual. Be sure to watch the video to see my critical review of this item.

The ninth self-defense weapon we tested was the Pink Perfume stun gun. If you’ve watched my videos in the past, you’ve probably seen me test our various stun guns and stun guns, but due to audience recommendations, we tested this a little differently.

Here is the video:

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